Birthdate - January 12th

Tell us something about your musical background - such as which other bands you've been in, who you've been influenced by, what instruments you play, etc.
I started playing the guitar at 7 years old. My first guitar was a Sunburst Harmony model H1215T archtop tenor guitar, that my father picked up at Manny's music store in New York, in 1962 I think... Beatles, Stones, Gary US Bonds, James Brown, Dave Clark 5, the Animals, Arthur Brown, and the Zombies. An amazing time for music. I actually tried to start out playing the bass, but I thought the guitar was far more popular and that was it. Guitar it was.

If ("if"???) you were talking to someone about Sharks, what would you say about the band - how would you describe the music, the gigs, the vibe, etc?
Sharks are a band with deep roots that go lots of places. Hard rock, soft rock, blues, folk, and funk. The gigs we’ve done have been pretty well received. We have a lot to offer, so if you don’t hear what you were looking for, you will in short order. When Sharks play you really can’t just stand there. You’re going to MOVE!


Please use three words which best describe each of your bandmates and yourself:
Phil: Accurate, agile, accomplished
Rachel: Charged, vibrant, hypnotic
Randy: Dark, deep, determined
Myself: Adventurous, effective, focused

What are your top five favorite albums of all time, and for each one why?
Trapeze "You are the music, we're just the band" One of the finest bands ever. Heavy metal funk, indeed! Mel Galley - R.I.P.
Humble Pie “Humble Pie” (Beardsley b&w cover). Just one of the best sounding albums I ever heard. My all-time favorite band. Steve Marriott - R.I.P.

Led Zeppelin 1. A life changing experience. John Bonham - R.I.P.
James Gang “‘yer album”. This one showed me what music from the US could be.
Tower Of Power “Back to Oakland”. Top shelf.

What's the proudest moment in your life/career, and why?
The proudest moment in my career was 1971 when the first record I did came out in Europe. What a rush to see and hear that. It was just a single, but it was quite a feeling. I was 16 years old.

What's the best gig you've ever seen, and what made it so?
Best gig I ever saw was Humble Pie at the Fillmore East 1971. They opened their set with “Money, That’s What I Want”. I lost my mind. The whole roof of the Fillmore just blew off. Unbelievable.

What bands do you think were the most influential during...
(a) the 60s - Beatles
(b) the 70s - Led Zeppelin
(c) the 80s - Police
(d) the 90s - Doyle Bramhall II
(e) this century - too deep!

Who would be in your fantasy band line-up (with yourself in the line-up too if you want!)?
Michael Landau on guitar, myself on guitar, Pino Palladino on bass, Ricky Peterson on keyboards and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums.

Alive or dead, fact or fiction, who are your top heroes or heroines?
My mom & dad, my wife, my band

What's your ultimate ambition?
My ultimate ambition is to play music all over the world.

Please give us a message for Sharks fans.
Please come and experience a Sharks performance. Hope to see you soon.